Items Vendor Changelog
If you find any bugs in this product please contact Summer Haas.

Current Version:
Items Vendor v1.7

  • Added end user Memory Profile debugging (see Chat Mode in advanced config).
  • Improved error handling for Vendor Build Style.
  • Removed SLBreedablePets Mode (RIP Ozimals).
  • Fixed bugs with some custom build styles when the vendor is used inside mesh or sculpts.

Items Vendor v1.6.1

  • Fixed minor bug where if the last item was priced at L$0 and then given away, vendor tried to send item to anyone else clicking resulting in a script error.

Items Vendor v1.6

  • Added ability to accept L$0 items
  • Added error handling for Special Item pricing
  • Removed center of prim click as forward button
  • Changed offline/setup float text
  • Fixed bug where missing Text Timer error would not trigger

Items Vendor v1.5

  • Added Vendor Build Style to support automatic texture change for single and multi-prim vendors
  • Added float text for Special Item descriptions
  • Added float text timer and type of display
  • Added hyperlinks for Special Item descriptions
  • Added new textures
  • Added support for clothing items
  • Added capacity indicator
  • Added Email notifications
  • Added Chat Mode for a less chatty start up
  • Improved error handling and messages for _config card entered values
  • Improved handling when no-copy items are manually removed (SL bug)

Items Vendor Beta

Major revision from previous Nest/Items Vendor:

  • Changed the Price= field to no longer use the $ before price
  • Changed hot zones from Nest Vendor
  • Changed vendor chat to be entirely private
  • Changed default notecard setup, Advanced Settings can be added if needed
  • Changed notecard setting names to be case and space insensitive
  • Fixed bug with Item Name= not reading from notecard
  • Removed debit permissions
  • Removed SLBreedablePets Mode on item names. Changed to pull hyperlink from Special Item description instead

Nest Vendor