Nest Vendor Changelog
Nest Vendor has been replaced by the more versitile Items Vendor

Nest/No-Copy-Items Vendor v1.4.4 Public Beta

  • Released under different trial names such as "No-Copy-Items Vendor"
  • Changed float text on disabled vendors
  • Fixed bug with IMs from 1.4

Nest/Items Vendor v1.4.3 Beta

  • Minor security update with _config card
  • Removed version numbering from name

Nest/Items Vendor v1.4.2 Beta

  • Changed name (Some vendors labeled "No-Copy Items Vendor")
  • Added float text color change option

Nest/Items Vendor v1.4.1 Beta

  • Removed the ability to set price in description
  • Added ability to change vendor name and item in _config card

Last Release Version:
Nest Vendor v1.3.0

  • Added forward and back buttons
  • Added "List all Nests" button
  • Added optional notecard based pricing system for multiple prices
  • Added support for SL Breedable Pets ID's

Nest Vendor v1.2.3

  • Changed the instant message that is sent to the owner when a purchase is made to include a vendor location SLurl

Nest Vendor v1.2.2

  • Added an inventory listing when you cycle completely around back to the first nest
  • Added texture pack

Nest Vendor v1.2.1

  • Release version - May 2010
  • Fixed all known bugs from beta

Nest Vendor Beta

  • Version named 1.2.0 to match nest version numbering