How to use the Nest Namer

To get started tap the bunny on the head. You have a couple of options:

  • Nest Namer Menu
  • Start starts up in standard mode. This is what most people would want. It names the nests their full length so there is no confusion.
  • Stop turns off the listener and shuts down.
  • Help will send you to this website.
  • Options -> opens up other settings including an abbreviated nest naming mode and the SL Breedable Pets naming mode.

Click the start button and do the following:

  1. Bring up the "Nearby Chat History" in SL ( ctrl+H )
  2. Click the nest you want to rename (this will create a dialog menu, leave it up for now)
  3. Check the "Nearby Chat" for 4 lines of type defining the nest
    Ozimals Bunny: Nest:
    Mother: Sparkle
    Father: Smoochie

    Fur: Holland Lop - White
    Eyes: Blue Zircon
    Ears: Lop Ears
    Shade: Classic

  4. Highlight and copy ( ctrl+C ) the last four(4) lines starting with "Fur: Type" all the way down to the end of "Shade: Type"
  5. In the chat bar type /7 then paste ( ctrl+V ) the lines you copied like this:
    /7Fur: Holland Lop - White¶Eyes: Blue Zircon¶Ears: Lop Ears¶Shade: Classic
  6. The Nest Rename Helper will speak a name like this:
    »»»»»»»» COPY 1 LINE BELOW TO NAME NEST ««««««««
    Holland Lop - White, Blue Zircon, Lop Ears, Classic
    Abbreviated/Trim mode looks like this:
    »»»»»»»» COPY 1 LINE BELOW TO NAME NEST ««««««««
  7. Highlight and copy ( ctrl+C ) that line.
  8. Now go back to that dialog that is still up from the nest.
    Name Nest
    Click the "Name Nest" button.
  9. Paste ( ctrl+V ) the line you copied into the chat console and press enter.
    Holland Lop - White, Blue Zircon, Lop Ears, Classic
  10. Your nest should state that is has been renamed.