Nest Namer Changelog

If you find any bugs in this product please contact Summer Haas.

Current Version:
Nest Namer 1.3.2

  • Added preset textures to the menu
  • Fixed a minor timer bug where unit would turn off when in "on" mode if the menu was called and nothing was chosen

Nest Namer 1.3.1

  • Changed shape to plush bunny
  • Added eye and nose color change
  • Fixed major bug in trim/slbp mode were certain breeds would return no name

Nest Namer 1.3.0

  • Changed name to "Nest Namer"
  • Added support for SL Breedable Pets ID's
  • Adjusted names to deal with new Ozimals naming conventions
  • Added new furs and shades for proper name trimming
  • Added a Sage to Matriarch/Patriarch validity check
  • Added texture change option
  • Changed the default listen channel from 1 to 7

Nest Rename Helper 1.2.3

  • Fixed a bug that caused the unit to not start the listener in a laggy sim
  • Changed the timeout to last 120 seconds instead of 20
  • Added abbreviated/trimmed name support
  • Added the ability to change listener channels
  • Added error handling to deal with when the user pastes in stuff that isn't needed like parent names or doesn't paste in enough info.

Nest Rename Helper 1.2.2

  • Performance boost

Nest Rename Helper 1.2.1

  • Release version - May 2010
  • Fixed all known bugs from beta


  • Version named 1.2.0 to match nest version numbering